WARNING!! If you love pouring over “before and after” photos please stop reading and keep scrolling. I don’t want to ruin it for you! Just kidding! However, I am going to give you a different perspective when viewing transformation photos. The most overlooked takeaway in B and A photos is that we compare ourselves to others. Our inner dialog might go something like this, “I can’t do that” or “I can do that!” The problem with those thoughts is WHAT IF YOU COULD DO BETTER? Mind blown? Stay with me! When you compare yourself to others you are making incredible assumptions. Everyone has a different metabolic rate, some played sports, some have kids, some take Steroids, some eat clean, some are stressed, some need cardio, some need less cardio. You can’t be summarized in a photo collage. As the year draws to an end and we will all be “pitched” a get fit plan. pay attention to your own thought process. Long term fat loss, if the goal, is a life long journey. It’s not resolved in just a few short weeks or months. In some cases you’ll need to unlearn years of faulty thinking and habits. For others you’ll reach an “aha” moment right away. You have greatness and resilience in you! Don’t be fooled by quick fixes! Do the work and learn to love the process!