This is not a blog on organic food. It’s a blog about you! What you’re putting in vs. what you’re getting out. Before we delve in to that let’s talk about the rest you’re getting.  Hopefully it’s plentiful and quality. However, knowing the society and times we are living in probably not! Quality food is like quality rest. You know it when you have it and life seems to go more smoothly when you do. For most of us we get quality sleep when we are on vacation. You may do some catching up on all the sleep you’ve been missing but by day four or five you generally wake up refreshed, without an alarm, and not needing a caffeine jolt. You’re happy and rested. It’s really the same with food. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to take a vacation for this to happen!  As you eat a steady diet of quality, wholesome cooked meals your stomach settles, digestion is smooth, your outlook even during stressful days is positive, and your energy is up. It really is simply with what’s on your plate.  At times, you can’t find the time, motivation or recipes to make for yourself. Or maybe you never had quality instruction on what good wholesome food is and can be. Spoiler alert it isn’t juicing! That’s where I come in! I’ll create it, plate it, deliver it, and you’ll enjoy it. Simple! Time Saving! Life Saving too!  Start Today! Be your best!

With love,