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I’ve got the power but maybe not in 21 days!

Common theory states that it takes a person twenty-one days to create a new habit or replace a bad one.  What if it takes you twenty-two days? Does that mean there’s something wrong with you or it didn’t work?  No.  It means nothing.  Your goals are your goals.  And setting yourself up to fail with […]

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Breaking up is hard to do!

If you’ve ever broken up with your hairdresser, manicurist, dentist or OB-Gyn you’ll understand what a tragedy it is to break up with your gym!

My life has a number of constants in it and a big one with work and my own mental and physical health is my gym. I depend on it for stress […]

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I joined an all Women’s gym and I’m obsessed!

If you had asked me 6 months ago if I ever saw leaving my Co-ed, hardcore gym I’m pretty sure I would have laughed like a banshee. I was in a commited, professional relationship with my personal trainer and was able to monopolize machines and cardio equipment mostly without interruption.

When I found myself at an […]

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All dolled up and headed to the gym!

Pretty regularly I’ll run across a bit of social media lambasting the type of woman that would dare wear makeup to the gym. It’ll usually play out with the tweeter/facebooker/poster making a comment like, “I only come here to sweat…blah, blah, blah!” Here’s why they couldn’t be more wrong!

First off, those floor to ceiling mirrors […]

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My Life Is Crap! Now What?

If you read that headline and thought, “that’s me please give me some tips!” You might want to head back to Yahoo’s Shine for 1001 tips on how to make over your life. I’ve got one tip and it works in every area of your life. Okay, I have two but let’s start with just […]

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Living Clean

In my blog I hope to compel you to lead Your Vibrant Life! It will be my version of what I know so far about health, fitness, and nutrition. There might be an occasional off topic rant…. I’m human after all. We only have this one life so I will try to separate fact from fiction, hype […]

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Motivation vs. Inspiration


Good morning! I may be nitpicking but I think the difference between motivation and inspiration is where or with whom the responsibility lies. If I say, “I’m motivated” that means I’m responsible. If I say, “that inspired me” that means that whoever or whatever inspired me, is responsible. A big truth to your overall health […]

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“Clean” Life Basics

The Clean Life Includes:

*Drink plenty of water each day.  Unsweetened Coffee and Tea count as water too.
*Get some shut eye.  Don’t try to “catch up” on the weekend.  TiVo-DVR your favorite shows and watch them on the weekend!
*Eat regularly and plan ahead.  Don’t get caught without some “clean snacks” like nuts, dried or fresh fruit, […]

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Let’s Talk Fat vs. Muscle (Video)

The truth is, the more muscle you have means the more fat you burn at rest!  In order to build muscle you are going to need to move around, pick heavy things up and put them back down again.  Get moving!

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Eat Real Food

We’ve got a lot of people eating food- like products and not enough real food!  It’s no secret that the typical diet is full of sugar, empty calories and lacks portion control.  It’s time we return to real food for our health’s sake!


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