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Healthcare vs. Sick Care

What you eat contributes to your health.  When you view food as a life force, which it is, you take ownership of what you are putting into your body.  Foods with a good amount of vitamins and minerals are considered health care.  Foods void of any nutritional content or value contribute to sick care.  Make […]

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Food for thought!

Your body, mind and soul are connected.  When you exercise a lot of issues come to the surface including anxiety, depression, and fear.  Every trainer has some painful secrets shared by their clients during a session.  So when I hear people say they don’t like working out I often wonder if they don’t want to […]

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Take A Deep Breath……

I believe that your greatest challenges begin with taking a deep breath.  Leaving a toxic relationship, going back to school, hiring a trainer-meal delivery service, getting real about your nutrition habits, changing careers and living your own uniquely weird life! Take a deep breath and do it!

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Exhale and let go of the iffy, the bad, and the ugly!  We hold on to things that serve no purpose, that don’t promote our health or wellness, and that literally drag us down.  Why?  Exhale and let it go!

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